RO-Jett 2" Regular Integral Spinner:        $35.00

RO-Jett 2" w/1/2" extension Integral Spinner   $45.00


Either Spinner with 2 and 3 blade Cone add  $15.00

    This is for you guys who fly both 2 blade and 3 blade props

    and only need one spinner.       

RO-Jett CNC made Spinners are made to the highest quality. When used with our Ro-Jett engines the integral type means you will always be balanced and centered. Simply remove the drive washer from you RO-Jett engine and put integral back plate/drive washer spinner on.

For engines that are non Ro-Jett type purchase our regular back plate type. Even if you prefer the regular type for your Ro-Jett engine it will match perfectly.

2" is all we offer at this time with a 1 3/4" in the works.

We do make the only integral spinner with 1/2" extension CNC made into the spinner back plate! As you can see in the picture it is made as light as possible with all unnecessary metal removed. With this spinner, or with our regular seperate piece prop extension, there is no need for reaming out your props to get a heavy steel spinner adapter to go through the prop to catch the crank threads. With the complete Ro-Jett line of engine (except the RO-Mag) all you need is a longer crank stud. One of the unique parts of the Ro-Jett engine is the removable crank stud in the crank. For you to get an additional 1/2" of prop extension all that is needed is the Ro-Jett 1/2"prop extension and or the Ro-Jett Integral Spinner w/1/2" extension and a longer crank stud.

Another bonus is the same spinner and extension works with all of the Ro-Jett engines. So if you have a 61 your flying and you want to use your spinner with an extension on a classic you built for our 40 same one works for both.