Ro-Jett pipes are the lightest pipes made! We have both 40 and 51/61/65 size pipes. When designing the RO-Jett pipe we tested many different types and styles. I also wanted a design that would last longer and hold up to abuse. I think we achieved our goals.

  We offer 2 styles of exhaust. Straight and side. The side  (90) exhaust is the lighter of the two as it has less metal than the straight out stinger.


Dub Jett and I set out to find a way to CNC the internals of the pipe to make it lighter, stronger and easier to make. As you can see from this photo the "can" is what we came up with. The baffle is the bottom of the can with a .750 hole and the stinger is a screw in cap. For the straight out exhaust there is a 1/2" stinger on the cap. For the 90 exhaust there is a plain cap that screws in. This whole can is 4 to 6 grams.  
Here you can see the parts for the straight exhaust. Dub Jett really out did himself in being able to make this part. The can has .010 wall thickness. He claims in the light he can see through it!

Ro-Jett Pipes are priced very competitively at $100.00

This is all sizes and types. Carbon is not cheap nor the epoxy resigns. We see price increases in these items quite often.

I am not sure I can keep them at this price but for now it's a real bargain. I have several other sizes that I am testing and will have them for sale before long. Check back for up dates!