RO-Jett Products

The RO-Jett Tanker is a high grade made by us syringe.

We wanted one that would virtually last forever and have the capacity to fuel the larger tanks. Even if the Tanker sits dry for a long period of time and you let the O-Rings go bad it is a simple fix. We sell repair kits with the 2 o-rings that came with your Tanker.

Tanker       $30.00

Repair Kit   $4.95

When we decided to make extension we we surprised at the weight savings our extension had over the competition.


Line/lead out wrapping wire. I found this great wire and thought I would add it to my line of products for your convenience. It is hard anodized 26 Ga. wire in gold color.

$4.95 per roll

Bearing removal tool. For you guys that want to service your own engine this is a must. After heating engine up to about 225 and removing the front bearing this is used to knock out the rear bearing.


Ro-Jett Needle Valve Assembly Fits all RO-Jett engines.

This will not fit other engines. Our spray bar is a larger OD then ST, PA, and most others. If you use ours you will have to drill out your NVA hole in your engine.


One of our most popular items.

The RO-Jett Filter is small and will fit in those tight fuse conditions.


5 for $20.00 (that's one free!)

After a long process of trying to find a plug that I thought was the best for my engines we settled on making our own. This is our wire composition for Stunt. It is a hot plug and I sell as many of my plugs to people with a Fox 35 as I do with a Ro-Jett. Seems it works pretty good with the other Guys engines too!

$3.50 ea.

$36.00 per Dozen

This has been one of my favorite fun things to produce. I have really enjoyed filming and editing many hours of flying and my own personal help topics in the shop and at the field. Watch for more topics as I get more and more taped edited and ready for your purchase.

All DVD and VHS tape is 14.95 each.

I have: 

1)1 tape set of 2002 Top Five fly off     14.95

2)1 tape/DVD set of Top Five fly off 2004 14.95

3) 3 Tape/DVD set of FAI Worlds 2004   45.00 set

         I will sell separate ea DVD/Tape if you want only

        one of the set. Each Tape/DVD has one round of

        the finals.


Coming Topics:

Flying for more points

Painting with Automotive paints

Props, carving, pitching, How To

The stunt run

The making of the BSE Engines,watch the machines make   the engine!


Engines, pipes, props -How To

Building Hints 1 , using carbon, making fillets,and

    many more topics.


Look for all of these SOON!