Ro-Jett Headers and Mufflers

When we made the first BSE 40 it was a rear exhaust. I was building a Falcon and wanted to use the RE40 so I came up with this idea for a muffler. I watched as many planes with SE engines and tongue mufflers were flying and it seemed it could be done with RE also.
After deciding on the internals of the muffler we needed to find the right length for the header to be cut to and give the best performance. This was cut and try and after finding "this sweet spot length" we headed off to the flying field to test.

It was in a Falcon that I had built for VSC. It ran very well and the noise level was quite reasonable. I have flown this plane at VSC 2 years now and Have never lacked for power or drive, even in the 20MPH winds in 2004 on Sunday.

This worked so well we made them for the 51/61/65 size engine. We had a special header made with a larger (7/8) tube and made inserts for these and again off to the flying field. It was a home run. Ran good in an old Cardinal I had and it was time to put it on the market! To date we have sold way more of these than we thought we would. Reports back find the easy clean up after flying to be a real plus!

Both sizes Header/Muffler same price      $42.95


RO-Jett Tube Mufflers

When I first started Ro-Jett Engines I could not get a Tube Muffler from another supplier. After searching for a while we decided to make our own. Since we would CNC the entire muffler it could be made any way we wanted to make it. The first objective was to make it LIGHT! From the comparable muffler that I bought to look at and compare it turned out lighter. At 34 grams for the 40 size and 36 grams for the 51/61/65 size they are light enough. Scott Dinger is the only one who makes one lighter. His is a very good product and certainly worth consideration.
40 size $40.00

Fits other engines too

Fox 35, Ro-Mag36, Thunder Tiger 36, Webra32, OS32,OS35&40FP, and more probably I do not know about.

We hard anodized the tube for looks and to hide the inevitable burned castor that would be present. Made so you can add an exhaust diverted like the Dubro silicone style. Uses 4.40 for mounting.


51/61/65 size $40.00