RO-Jett 51

BSE $330.00       CAST $280.00

Header any rise: 30.00   Ro-Jett pipe $80.00

SE Tube Muffler: $39.95      RE Header/Muffler $39.95


The cast case 51 was the first engine produced back in the early 90s by GMA. After George left us I decided to take over the engine line and started RO-Jett in 2002. At that time there were no BSE (Bar Stock Engine) engines and Dub Jett and I started the design work on the BSE line just before the 2002 Nats. I flew the first one (.65) at the Nats in 2002.

The 51 is a great choice for the smaller planes in this class. This engine, as all of the RO-Jett line does, has my personal design numbers for stunt. The metallurgy is state of the art with Aluminum liners and hand fitting on each and every one. Long lasting, steady, with great support from the Ro-Jett staff (me) is what you get with each engine. Go here for break in instructions and operating suggestion. (which comes with every engine)

The cast case engine is every bit as good as the BSE in most respects. Same power and run characteristics. The BSE first and foremost is just plain PRETTY!  We have found the BSE case is a little more stable while tempering in the break in cycle. I have run both with good results. Break in seems much more important with the cast case than the BSE. Allowing the Cast Case to break in and settle in slowly to it's temper seems to give the best longevity and steady runs.  While this is not bad to do with the BSE it can be shortened by half since the BSE case does not move during this tempering phase.




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