I test flew the first one last Feb. in Dallas in a Al Rabe design BBQB Bearcat.This is a large plane and original had a Saito 72. With a bit of trouble retrofitting the 90 in I got it flying. After a few flights I was very impressed. I was flying it with a 90 sized header muffler and a Zinger 16x5 prop turning 7000 rpm. I needed to get into another plane for testing and sent it off to Windy Urtnowski to test. He borrowed a plane from his friend Jose (Pattern master) and squeezed it in. It was not a good fit as the 90 is much larger than the St 60 that had been in the plane. The original plane was close to 80 ounces. On a trip to NJ to visit Windy I got to fly it a few times. Windy also let a number of local flyers fly it as well. No one had anything bad to say! The 90 was intimidating at first but they all came out of the circle with a smile!

This is a much larger engine and will most likely only fit in planes built for it.