NEW FOR 2007


We will be bring out our newest design next spring. I am testing the protype now and hope to have it ready for shipping in the spring of 2007.


This engine will be a long stroke version of our 61 BSE using the crank from the 76 to make a 67.

With the long stroke and my wanting to make an engine that is more for the non piped customer I think we have a winner. I am testing the new 67 with a Ro-Jett Header Muffler in my 2003 airplane. So far I am very pleased. I want to get a side exhaust version in an airplane with our RO-Jett tube muffler as soon as possible.

Here is my first installation for testing.

First tests are with an assortment of props and I like the Eather 13x5 with 3 blades the best, so far. Several have been good but the Eather has been the best. As testing goes on I want to find the best low priced prop that I can.