This is the newest "Brute" in the Ro-Jett line up!

We even amazed ourselves with this one! It is all but the same size as the 51/61/65 engines. We extended the stroke as much as we could and still fit in the case. All of the BSE cases are made in two pieces, a top and a bottom half. We made the top half a little larger for more bore but were limited by the assembly screws that hold the top and bottom together. Engine seems to be about 1/4" taller and a little wider on the top half (fins only) and will need a shorter rise header if going in the same place as a previous 61/65. After calculating the stroke and bore it came out to .759 ci. At this time I liked the number 77 and labled it such, Dub voted for 76 but I over ruled him for the double 7. New rules came out for line sizes with .76259(?) being the limit for .018 stranded. Looks like Dub Jett got his way after all as I had to change 77 to 76, darnit! Oh well I'll get him when we make a 92!


Early test shows the 76 to be a torquer in all respects. I did some testing and was so pleased I sent the motor off to Windy Urtnowski to test on his Miss Ashley. After a day or two of flying I have never heard Windy so enthused! He was already working on getting the 76 in his Concours winning Typhoon from 2001 Nats, with a Saito 91.  This was not to be a piped engine installation. He made a carbon muffler attached to a header for testing. Sadly he only got about 10 flights before a line break ended the Typhoon. At the time he reported testing was excellent and just what the Typhoon needed!

This is certainly the engine for the larger planes and or slightly overweight situations were you need to swing a bigger prop and pull more weight in the up lines. In my testing I found a huge bonus, lower lap times! I ran the motor at lower RPMs with more diameter props and not only did it fly better and slower it also was much quieter! How about that for a win win deal!  Windy was testing with a 14x4 3 blade and 4 blade props (Gator) and having good luck. On the other hand I was testing 13x4 3blade props at low RPMs and it was more than I asked for with the motor never getting out of a slow 4 cycle and hauling the 65 ounce plane like a John Deer tractor in first gear!

Get yours on order TODAY!


We have not got up to full production capabilities on this one so there may be from time to time a slight shipping delay. Our promise is to never make you wait more than 30 days. We have been able to keep this promise so far and do not expect it to ever change.





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