BSE 65  RE/SE $350.00            


Header any rise: 30.00   Ro-Jett pipe $80.00

SE Tube Muffler: $39.95      RE Header/Muffler $39.95



The Ro-Jett 65 is the largest engine you could run in AMA Stunt until 2005. New rules may go to 15cc for FAI but for now it is 10cc. The AMA in 2005 has changed to 15cc and we think FAI will follow suit.

The 65 is a great choice for the larger planes in this class. My plane for the 2004 Nats was larger and heavier and needed the little extra punch the 65 had to offer. Larger prop with more power than the 61 and the new plane was ready! This engine, as all of the RO-Jett line does, has my personal design numbers for stunt. The metallurgy is state of the art with Aluminum liners and hand fitting on each and every one. Long lasting, steady, with great support from the Ro-Jett staff (me) is what you get with each engine. Go here for break in instructions and operating suggestion. (which comes with every engine)

The BSE first and foremost is just plain PRETTY! We have found the BSE case is a little more stable while tempering in the break in cycle. This stability means from engine to engine you always get a "Good One".







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